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Trackyo for gated communities
Trackyo brings you a real-time vehicle monitoring system that aids in tracking vehicles in the aforementioned regions. The device tracks the speed and the location of the vehicle and gives audio-visual alerts to the vehicle driver. A warning is also transmitted to the security stations and a message is broadcast to the surrounding vehicles. Such warnings help other drivers to timely respond and avoid potential crashes.
Trackyo Building connected vehicle technology to track and modify driver behavior in gated communities
Trackyo is an early-stage connected vehicle startup based out of Hyderabad. They are designing customized security solutions for vehicle monitoring and driver assistance systems targeting gated societies. By gated societies, we refer to areas secured by gates and security guards at entry and exit points i.e., areas including but not limited to: residential townships/societies/ blocks, business centers, corporate structures, etc.
Traffic police for your gated community
Yash Agarwal and Kritika Jain were taking a walk around their college NIIT’s campus in Rajashtan back in 2014, when a speeding vehicle almost hit them. This made them realise the need for a technology-driven solution to ensure vehicles adhere to speed limit within gated societies.
T-Hub startup building vehicle tracking device
At a time and age when safety and security of transportation is gaining prominence in India, T-Hub incubated startup Trackyo is building a solution that will help in vehicle monitoring and tracking. The Hyderabad-based early stage startup is designing security solutions for vehicle monitoring and driver assistance systems specifically for gated societies including residential, shopping malls and business centres. These societies are prone to over-speeding and reckless driving with some reports revealing that over 4.5 lakh deaths and 1.25 crore serious injuries have occurred, globally.
Trackyo, building easy-to-use products targeting to lead a better life
Inspired by a problem that the founders Yash Agarwal and Kritika Jain faced while they were studying their Bachelor’s at the NIIT university, they started working on a reliable and technology driven solution to cater to the problem of over speeding, reckless driving, parking assistance, unavailability of prompt facilitation of emergency services along with a few faculty members in September 2014.