Smart Traffic Management for Geo-fenced areas

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How it works
Vehicle arrives at gate
Security guard scans the vehicle number plate and hands over a uniquely mapped Trackyo unit to the vehicle driver
Vehicle is tracked
Real-time speed and location tracking of the vehicle is done through the Trackyo unit. Driver gets feedback and real-time audio visual alerts during violations and critical situations
In case of critical situations
Security guard connects with the nearest emergency service providers (hospitals, police, fire station) just by the press of a button using our realtime platform
At the exit point
The device is recovered by the security guard and the driver gets a ticket for violation/ incentives for next visit
The Trackyo solution employs a novel framework of turning a particular area to a connected vehicle area for implementing safety applications. Trackyo has a potential to reduce the possibility of human errors by 90% and reduce the costs by 25% in 3 months from implementation.
Here are a few value additions from Trackyo that make it a revolutionary solution for bringing smart safety to geo-fenced areas
Trackyo is connected
We develop state of the art connected vehicle technology and equip Trackyo with that in a minimum package.
Trackyo is responsive
Trackyo senses the driver’s behaviour and gives audio-visual alerts to establish a safe and secure environment for the residents.
Trackyo is mobile
It has a long lasting rechargeable battery. Each Trackyo unit communicates with each other and the data finally reaches the central monitoring server.
Trackyo is wireless
It uses state-of- the art technology to send real-time alerts during violations and critical situations.
Trackyo is feasible
We solve a huge problem by reducing the scope only to focus on geo-fenced regions. Other solutions that work on connected tech are having hard time dealing with the huge infrastructure needs.
Trackyo is adaptable
It can be reprogrammed for speed limits, changing traffic rules in the geo-fenced region.
Trackyo is rewarding
Trackyo rewards the good drivers with parking space, etc.
Got a minute? Check these videos on how Trackyo works:
Why choose Trackyo?
Our connected vehicle technology platform has proven to be

much more effective than the currently used alternative solutions

Road Safety Mirrors
CCTV Surveillance
Manual Monitoring
Speed Breakers
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Recognised as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) under the Start-up India Scheme by the Govt. of India.

Recognised as a social impact startup by the AVPN Asia.

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02 2017
Trackyo for gated communities
Trackyo brings you a real-time vehicle monitoring system that aids in tracking vehicles in the aforementioned regions. The device tracks the speed and the location of the vehicle and gives audio-visual alerts to the vehicle driver. A warning is also transmitted to the security stations and a message is broadcast to the surrounding vehicles. Such warnings help other drivers to timely respond and avoid potential crashes.
18 2017
Trackyo Building connected vehicle technology to track and modify driver behavior in gated communities
Trackyo is an early-stage connected vehicle startup based out of Hyderabad. They are designing customized security solutions for vehicle monitoring and driver assistance systems targeting gated societies. By gated societies, we refer to areas secured by gates and security guards at entry and exit points i.e., areas including but not limited to: residential townships/societies/ blocks, business centers, corporate structures, etc.
11 2017
Trackyo, building easy-to-use products targeting to lead a better life
Inspired by a problem that the founders Yash Agarwal and Kritika Jain faced while they were studying their Bachelor’s at the NIIT university, they started working on a reliable and technology driven solution to cater to the problem of over speeding, reckless driving, parking assistance, unavailability of prompt facilitation of emergency services along with a few faculty members in September 2014.